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Thursday, December 25, 2014

so this is Christmas.....

 You turn on the NPR news and its like "GAH! Ebola, Ferguson, North Korea....GAHHHHH!" and then Kings College Choir comes on and you begin to chill.  So much awfulness in the world, but maybe the point of the solstice and darkness is that humans need to celebrate the hope that light and spring will come.  Which feels great, you feel elated. I don't know what those kids are singing but it sounds beautiful.

Things are pretty low key here.  Our anniversary yesterday, to paraphrase Joe Biden, is a "BFD".  I went vintage boot shopping with the wife.
The lady in the shoppe told me repeatedly that I am a really good husband. Maybe not many men go vintage boot shopping with their wives?
I have a vested interest:  The wife is a very good looking woman and looks GREAT in boots....and I helped find a couple of pairs of BADASS boots that fit her like a glove, including the black cowgirl sh!tkickers you see below... I haggled like a champ and made the store owner beg for mercy and then we were home for yakasoba noodles with the cat and dog...NOW THAT is a fine wedding anniversary is it not?

Quaker tradition is that no day is more sacred than any other, including Christmas (I am, as a matter of fact, "working" today....various pet sitting jobs---but we celebrate--I am a greedy BAD QUAKER and like presents and feasts like anybody else ;)   But the older I get the more simple I like things.  Rose buds and greens make our tree....

The wife's sisters arrive later.  There will be chili and pumpkin pie...I used the extra pie crust to make jam tarts for breakfast....

Our village is small and we have no home mail delivery, just one half-time overworked guy who mans the stamp counter and sorts all of our mail into PO boxes.  He is fantastic.  I put a little note and pitcher of thanks in the back of our box....anybody would probably prefer cash, but at least the pitcher is also green and pocket sized :)

Merry Christmas everybody!



Barbara Rogers said...

Love the Christmas bouquet displayed in your vase...and if your postman doesn't appreciate his gift he's crazy! May you have a blessed day, whatever is being celebrated!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas back at you! Looks like you celebrated perfectly.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

The idea of you being a greedy bad Quaker cracks me up. That would be a great name if you ever decide to start a rock band. Love your little tree in a vase. Beautiful and simple.

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