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Friday, December 19, 2014

9 cats and dogs!

The perfect storm of pets:  there are some dogs and cats I see only a couple of times of year. Then there is KIKO! A new daily dog, added this week.  And I hadn't seen Nook in awhile, but they have me with him every day....and then, of course Soupy every own dogs and cats AND HOLY SH!T it is the busiest retail month of the year, what happened this week, what happened YESTERDAY? ALL my pet sitting clients in one day???? Well, all but one, plus my own and my own work....

ALL of my work got done, every pet, including my own got their alloted time and MORE....

OK, it was like this.  6:45 am-5 pm
Before the wife goes to work we walk Penny a mile or 2 every day, then I run a few miles.  I realized Thursday there was no time for a run. My calendar is blocked out for every moment.
Penny went to sleep, I drove off to see Scoop the cat.
Back to our house, brought Yogi over from the neighbors to help me work for a few hours. THANK GOD Yogi is a good boy and happily does whatever I am doing. I am working on the COOLest pots....Then the madness begins...
Penny out to play with Yogi, Spike fed.
Yogi taken for a walk. Done with Yogi for the day.
Walk Soupy the corgi, rub her belly, give her treats.
Home, take Penny for a walk. Lunch for Penny and Spike....
Drive to Nook's, pick him up. First, play with Abu, their cat, take care of HIM. Drive Nook up to KIKO'S!  The new dog.  She has a great yard for dogs to play.  I did not have time to walk both dogs properly by themselves, so they both played in Kiko's yard then I walked both dogs a few miles.  Kiko and Nook's moms both thought I was pretty BADASS for walking in wintry weather with 2 young and active dogs....piece of cake....
Drove Nook back down to his house, played with Abu the cat then....
PUFFY!  Remember Puffy the cat?  It has been a few months.  Puffy and I played for quite awhile, clean the box, pour the crunchies, water the Christmas tree....
Back home.  Walk Penny.
5 pm, customer comes over to pick up an order DONE.  5pm :)
Pour self the adult beverage, toast my success.
I LOVE pet sitting, this was SO much fun, although unlikely I will ever have so many in one day, and NO I am not adding any more clients, thanks :)

Me in the car with Nook.

Nook's little brother Abu.

Nook with Kiko who is a spice colored golden retriver mix.  I love her, she loves anything and anybody.  This is good, if I ever need to double time dog walking....

Finally, PUFFY!


Anonymous said...

Lucky pets, lucky owners, lucky you!

Happy Holidays,


Michèle Hastings said...

Sounds like a wonderful day... exhausting... but wonderful.

Cassi said...

Such lucky pet owners :-) And such lucky pets.

Barbara Rogers said...

Let the rest of the world complain that this time of year is a REAL ZOO! You have a handle on everything...pardon the ahem, pun for those mugs! No handles on the mutts and cats though! You do handle them all well, and what a great report of a day in the life...

bartster said...

What a schedule! It's inspiring to me to think what's at the heart of the schedule...nurture, creativity, contact with community and the outdoors and I conclude that making a living and making a life blend nicely for you. Hope I'm not minimizing the energy and effort all of that takes!

smalltownme said...

Everybody's happy!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

This sounds like the perfect day to me! I know it is work for you, but I have pet sitting envy. :)

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