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Monday, December 8, 2014

avocado lemon...

There are a lot of ways to enjoy avocado, but more about that in a second...
I had a fine fair yesterday at Temple Beth-El.  Old friends everywhere I looked!  I was pretty cold and tired at day's end and the dog and I fell asleep probably around 7...I dreamt I was running the Boston marathon and the Queen was along the way taste testing ice cream, and she dramatically spit out some she didn't another dream I got a puppy and played with it all night...that, folks, is the glamorous life of the artist, right? Next Sunday I have the last fair of the year and cannot wait! I think it might be a pretty big deal....

OK, avocados, right?  You can slice them and eat them on your taco or salad or rice, you can mash it with spice and lime etc and make guacamole, but my favorite?  Courtesy of Martha Stewart who once suggested it:  just blenderize your avocado with lemon juice, that is IT!  It makes a lovely light green color, too, but it makes the most wonderful smear for any taco, potato, anything...

SO, that color?  I am tinkering with this glaze, see below, and it is that very avocado lemon color.  I hope that the glaze works out.....

(new teaset by Gary Rith)


Lori Buff said...

Both look yummy.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I have never slenderized avocados but will certainly be trying it as I have avocados and lemons both at the ready! Gorgeous glaze color!

Anonymous said...

I gotta make that avocado/lemon schmear!

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