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Thursday, December 8, 2011

the usual.....

I am writing a haiku right now, here at 5:53 am. Based on a true story! As usual....

Scary sounds from the
Litter box...smelly kitty
Emerges proudly.

In other news, completed a BOATLOAD of bowls and cups yesterday, pic below of some of them, glazed too. Then I decided THAT IS IT for me and Christmas. I am officially at work on 2012 now. You see, things have to dry, be fired twice, blah blah blah, and I am worn out! Now I will concentrate on the 2 craft fairs I have this weekend and shipping orders...and making the brilliant CAR TEAPOT VERSION 2.0 :)

OK, want an awesome and easy soup recipe? The wife tells me yesterday, and it was flippin' cold and wet and snowy,
"How about soup?" and I am like
"I could warm my hands on the bowl...and in the bowl...." and I made our favorite and simplest soup. We had some Thai curry soup from the store once, and it was AMAAAAAAZING and between our guess at what they did and their ingredients, we figured out to make it ourselves, soooo tasty..... Recipe below *

(some newly made bowls and cups by Gary Rith)

Gary and M's Thai Curry Soup

-cook half cup rice as you normally do, half and half with wild rice if you have it
-saute 2 carrots and several cloves garlic in big soup pot, 5-10 mins
-add 4 cups broth and 2 tbs curry powder, boil then reduce heat and simmer
-when rice is nearing completion in its pot, add one cup frozen peas to broth mix
-when rice finishes, toss in with soup, raise heat until boiling again, and you are DONE.

--spoon soup into bowls, top each with a handful of slivered almonds (I had to use walnuts yesterday, still yummy) and raisens

The original from Friends.... and the souped up video...


laura weant johnson said...

smelly cat!!! :) ...soup looks super-yummy!

Lori Buff said...

I may try that soup tonight, it sounds really yummy and warming.

Anonymous said...

I just copied down that recipe. It sounds delish!!

And thanks (I think) for reminding me to clean out the litter box...

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