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Sunday, December 4, 2011

there be dragons!

I just read book one of Game of Thrones. It has a lot intrigue, murder and mystery, dragons too.
A lot of people get excited by sci-fi and fantasy, and, well, I am amazed at how much people love dragons. LOVE LOVE LOOooooove dragons! Its like skull stuff--alll these customers come out of the woodwork and buy it all up!
My neighbor Alita needed a dragon eating a unicorn mug for her pal, and I was happy to oblige--cracks me up! I am thinking of another way to design dragon mugs, then make a boatload of them in 2012 and make a lot of moola from my adoring customers.

I was reading this for real: when mapmakers many years ago were illustrating Europe, and did not know what was beyond certain directions, they would write something like "here be dragons". Haha! Beautiful!

(mug by Gary Rith, outrageous painting by somebody else)


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Great dragon-eating mug!

cookingwithgas said...


CiCi said...

What a great photo of Penny in your header.

Unknown said...

Cute naughty lol lol :) I love making dragons also...:)

DovTheLachman said...

Wow, so intresting, i like it

gz said...


Summer said...

Dude, I have totally been reading those books for the past few months. Getting ready to start book four. :) :) :)

Unknown said...

I think a unicorn stands for purity so it could be said your image is loaded with meaning. The illustration seems to appeal to many folk (I see some like these for sale in town as prints), but can only guess as to the type whom buys them.

Anonymous said...

Shhh... don't say it too loudly, my kids might find out you are now making dragon mugs...

Reverend Awesome said...

2012: The Year of the Dragon

smartcat said...

Ah yes dragons......I will try to hid my essential nerdiness by not getting into my hierarchy of dragons......but they do live in the oddest places.

That is one cool mug....and oh yes given what is going on with the popularity of unicorns I am happy to see one being consumed by a dragon. ;)

smartcat said...

P.S. Just had a word verification 'dogyvws'....why did Penny spring to mind?

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