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Saturday, December 31, 2011

thinking of new year's resolutions is hard when you're perfect....

These beauties all just came outta the kiln and I luvs them so. Suresuresure, you have seen items like them here before. I am thinking the greens would make a nice business card too (different cards for different customers and different moods: a card with teddy bear pottery on it is good for some...serious bowls good for others....) I gave us a set of similar bowls for Christmas....
Anyways, new years, hmm?
We were sure as hell fortunate in 2011 (remember my motto "if you're not dead, you have more options!".) 2012 will mark 6 years (SIX!) of daily blogging. I have a lot of BS to share don't I?
The wife was amazed yesterday when I said, after 2 days of scrubbing
"you're BORED? I would never get bored cleaning...." and its like
"Good lord, gimme a beer, will ya?".
Cleaning is dead dull, but a trunk load went to Salvation Army yesterday and I felt elated and lightened. Thinking, "I have done so much, maybe Saturday I will tackle the final frontier: those 30 mystery boxes in the corner staring at me..."
My other task for today: resolutions. Thinking of new year resolutions is hard when you're perfect ..... ;)

(new pottery by Gary Rith)


celeste said...

Which is exactly why I never make any. ;-)

Michèle Hastings said...

i think you are right about different business cards for different buyers! we FINALLY had new cards printed and decided that since the cost of printing has gone down with the age of digital, we will print a few different styles. we wouldn't want to get bored, would we?
Happy New Year to you, Maude and your menagerie!

jim said...

amigo, forget the new years resolutions... you're probably right about being perfect. i cannot believe you've maintained daily posting for that long. it's amazing to say the least

CiCi said...

The best resolution is to resolve to never make resolutions.

red dirt girl said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!


Busy Bee Suz said...

You are such a delight...and so darn funny. Of course, you being a humble man, well that makes me laugh.
Reminds me of this song:
My Dad...who was ever so humble (cough cough) used to sing it all the time.
Happy new year to you and the Missus!!!!!

Jeff Brown Pottery said...

A post every I made my third post of the year...last year.

Guess I need to write a little more on my blog this year.

Nice animal cups Gary...New Year happiness to you and Maude

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