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Thursday, December 29, 2011

couldn't get to sleep last night....because....

NOT the fault of these awesome bears, Winnie and Rumpole. When you scroll down you will see why we couldn't get to sleep last night ;)
OK, like I have been saying: Rumpole and Winnie the orphan teddy bears, now on teapots and cups! In stories and soon on cards! I like this photo, and I have been trying to turn it into a new business card.....

Last night the wife made this exotic Mexican rice dish with pomegranites. Unbelieveably tasty!
--saute an onion and lotsa garlic several minutes, add 2 cups brown rice and stir around, then cover with 4 cups broth and 1.5 cups chopped tomato: turn to high and stir! Cook until moisture is gone and it is, well, rice...
--slice a banana and coat with 3 tbs lime juice...seperate out 1/3-1/2 cup pomegranite seeds, add to banana and lime, then dump over the top of the rice, serve and EAT!


Jill Brown said...

Love the bears... So adorable.

That recipe sounds so delicious!!!

Karen Jensen said...

I can't stand it! Those bears and cups are so danged cute! And the fruitie dish sounds yummy.

Reverend Awesome said...

You can send me the picture if you want and whatever you'd like on your business card. I can help you out. Of course, you posted this bright and early this morning. You've probably got your cards all designed and ordered by now!

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