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Sunday, April 10, 2011


You know how it is, you have to use your little snoot to get every last yogurt drip out of the tub. Does not look very dignified, but then, maybe the wife there in bed with the cat and dog on her chest is not terribly dignified either?


Hilary said...

Oh Penny! A cat would never do that.. get caught, that is. And if they did, they'd act like they'd meant to do it all along. Too adorable.

Unknown said...

Well people wear lamp shades, why not a yogurt container? Undignified is great, shows one's great acceptance of oneself. forget dignity, go for the yums! or fun!
Great photos Maude is so great, I mean great! We love ya guys, and always, always, bring smiles to our faces...I will wear a cottage cheese container if it rains...recycle, recycle...:)

Reverend Awesome said...

Spike is all snuggled in! All crowd around Maude.

Unknown said...

Penny! Have you no shame?

Guess not....

Sueann said...

If I was the wife in that pic...I would shoot you!! Ha!!
Great captures!!
Congrats on the POTW award

Anonymous said...

I'm all over those furry slippers!

Congrats on your POTW from Hilary!!


MaggieGem said...

So how much trouble did you get into for post the picture of the family nap? LOL ;-)

Congrats on POTW!

Sandra said...

A fun post and I also enjoyed watching the video about your work. Congrats on POTW. :)

Out on the prairie said...

I love to share cartons with the critters. I have a bed full of critters each night.

Cricket said...

Yes, the indignities of life. Very funny. Congratulations on your potw.

Unknown said...

LOL, and congrats on your POTW!

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