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Saturday, April 30, 2011

"I cleaned the bathtub for you"...DRAGONS and a very puzzling day....

(new dragon pottery by Gary Rith)
Alright, really, I got bored yesterday with the routine, and decided to clean the john. Like the bathtub. I clean the whole house except for a couple of small things the wife likes to do, such as the tub. Observation a) cleaning a bathtub is about the most boring task on earth and b) I swear it looks the same as before I started. Anyway, I boast to the wife later "I cleaned the tub for you!" and she is like
"what, no kite flying? NO BIKING?" and I am puzzled. Does she think all I do is fly a kite, ride a bike and make teapots and dragons? I say this and she smiles knowingly and tells me "just seems unusual that this week you did something NOT fun".

Its true. My life is all about the fun. Golly I am blessed, eh?

OK, but Simon comes over. He had seen the dragons in process last week and was like "gimme one with floppy ears!" then he comes over and buys TWO. I am like "Simon, what is it with the DRAGONS? Its puzzling, seems like anything else I do" and Simon is like "you make a lot of cool things, but there is something about these....". Later that day I bump into Paul as I walk down the street and Paul is like "I am gonna need one of those dragons" and I am like "what is it with those dragons? That first bunch is nearly sold out Paul!" and he is like "man, I didn't know I needed a reservation!".
I didn't either, it IS puzzling. Just about all of these are sold---Alita comes over today for one, Jill needs 2, and at least one other is spoken for, and the original, of course, goes to the old college friend who first mentioned the idea.

I s'pose I should make more...


Michèle Hastings said...

they are very cool, that's why they are flying off the shelves!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Life is ALL about THE FUN!!!!!
And yes, cleaning the tub IS NOT FUN.

Anonymous said...


Reverend Awesome said...

They are really cool! You are just going to have to learn to accept their coolness!!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I started cleaning the bathtub today... and walked away. Maybe I should assign a boy to do it? Sort of spread the joy around? ;)

I am working hard to resist a blue dragon. It is difficult. I cannot explain why they are so wonderful, but they ARE! (Plus, my boys love dragons)

Unknown said...

That is the whole idea, and what is not to love about a dragon? I mean really, "build a better dragon and they will come"! They are fabulous!
I could make my doggie bowls and treat jars in my sleep, just sold more. I have made well over a hundred of them....that is a good thing! :)

Julia said...

So, here's the thing. I need one of those, too. I'm wondering if there is any hope that any will ever find their way on to etsy??!? If not, what does a girl need to do to make a reservation?

You know, because those are TOO COOL for words.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

You cleaned the TUB! You rock! That's the one thing I dislike to clean!

You should totally make dragon piggie banks; well, not piggies but dragon banks!! Be great for boys (and men)!

Susan Lippman said...

Well, I am psyched about getting my dragon- the first one. And I think I shall probably be putting in an order for more for Christmas. They are so delightful. I am falling in love with them all. Thanks for posting the pictures!

If I come up with any more ceramic ideas, I will pass them on to you!

Susan said...

And you should make more! I know you don't want to get into production and begin to tire of making dragons, but I have always thought that grudge holders would be a big hit-everyone has grudges and needs a friendly dragon's assistance. I can see them being big hits at craft shows during the holidays. Imagine, you could be one of the not-so-starving artists in our economy if they continue to sell.

soubriquet said...

Those dragons are most excellent. I like dragons, always have. It's my welshness, you see, The red dragon, "Y Ddraig Goch" has been our banner, certainly since the time of Vortigern, who ruled in the fifth century.

But what is it with you and your blog commenters that leaves you all so afeared of the bathtub?
Spray with bleachy detergenty stuff, wipe, rinse. Easy. Quick. Nothing to be scared of. Five minutes, if that, and it's gleaming. And I get it FILTHY!
I get oil, paint, grease, cement, clay, dust, and muck all over me whilst at work. I have been described as a "muck-magnet" -I can't wear a white shirt for two minutes without getting muck on it.
And I use bath oils and get a tidemark on the bath that would shame a tramp-steamer.
Five minutes, Zing! it's clean.

gz said...

Dragons should fly off the shelves...they are dragons after all!!
You don't even need nasties to clean the bath..I use vinegar and water,or bicarb and lemon for stubborn bits!!

Unknown said...


My daughter (far more creative than I am, and I'm no slouch) is in love with the dragon with the unicorn that is about to be restin' in his intestine.

Unknown said...

P. S. Not to gripe, but you sure do have a lot of friends named Susan.

Have you pondered this phenomenon?

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