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Monday, April 4, 2011

"I have a gub"

Kasey sends this tee for the birthday and it sez
"GuBs don't kill people, people from Texas kill people" and
a) it is something to ponder, WTF are they saying?
b) I use GUB here because otherwise the gub nuts will be pestering me and my commie pansy liberal New Yorker ass all day which leads to remembering
c) Woody Allen in the video below, hilariously trying to rob a bank but nobody can read his handwriting---therefore "GUB"
d) maybe the tee refers to the number of executions performed in Texas or
e) maybe the tee refers to Dubya, sending the armed forces to the middle east or maybe
f) the tee refers to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? or
g) maybe it is just a tee trying to insult Texans and gub nuts too? WHY NOT? Although truthfully, Gub nuts are everywhere.... but
h) it DOES inspire an artist like me, as Garyzilla below is shown:
"Gubs don't kill people...monsters kill people...and eat them...with ketchup"


Shortstuff said...

Very entertaining post this Monday morning Garyzilla. With ketchup...too funny!

Reverend Awesome said...

If I were to go cannibal, it would require ketchup. I'm right there with the monster.

Looking good, soldier!

Jay said...

That Woody Allen back robbery bit is hilarious.

Quietly Otaku said...

lol I'm with you on the ketchup! So many things I just can't eat without a bit of sauce.

My boyfriend has terrible writing I can barely tell what he's written!

Unknown said...

hahahaha love the Woody Allen, that would be George nobody can read his handwriting, not even himself! :) I am in favor of the Anti- Gub law! hahahaha! What a wonderful hilarious TShirt, awesome of course! Is it bullet proof? lol :)

Knight said...

That Woody Allen bit always cracks me up.
I LOVE your monster!

Hilary said...

That's one of my favourite scenes of all times. I laughed as soon as I saw your post title.

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