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Thursday, October 20, 2016

sky blue or periwinkle...

The last few items out of the last kiln firing, the wife really liked the frog mugs.  This baby blue glaze, or sky blue, or as she calls it periwinkle is a good contrast with frog green…

OK, I am gonna admit something to you here:  this has been a nerve-wracking, nail biting election season, right?  You may have noticed I am not around on the computer as much, reading your posts and all…the computer and all its news gets to feel a little intense these days, and I am avoiding it…but all this will change in 2 and a half weeks…. :)


smartcat said...

First...just love the combo of periwinkle and green frogs!

Secondly....I have been so down about the election I have hardly been posting on my own blog. Everything will change for the better on Nov 8.....toes crossed!

Barbara Rogers said...


JB said...

Fingers crossed for an election outcome that doesnt create too many ripples around the world.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The periwinkle mugs with frogs are absolutely adorable!!!

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