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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

catching Mickey….and inflicting him upon my neighbors….

A few years ago, I was walking the dog across the bridge by our house one day and said hello to a neighbor coming my way, with a trapped mouse.  He lives on the other side of the river, and was letting the mouse go on OUR side of the river.  So the little bastard didn't return to his house, presumably.  There is a tradition of this in our neighborhood….

WELL, I don't care what the rodents do outside, but the little jerks are moving into our house, as they do every fall, and Spike is a good mouser but not allowed in either the studio or basement.  I can't stand having mice in the house, but I am not out to kill anybody (what Spike does, though, is his business…) so I got a small havahart trap and loaded it with peanut butter and caught Mickey yesterday…he was very scared.  I don't like making anybody very scared.  So I told him I wouldn't hurt him, hadn't he just enjoyed a pleasant meal of peanut butter?  And now I was going to introduce him to MY NEIGHBORS ON THE OTHER SIDE of the creek.

So I walked him over there and let him go and our house was quiet once again…..although the trap is reset, in case Mickey's friends come over….

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