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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Potters with electric kilns may look at these pictures and wonder how my kiln could work with such a defective and worn out kiln sitter…yes, it was pretty decrepit, but worked OK, although I kept witness cones inside to watch and make sure I was getting where the kiln needed to go…

ANYWAY, it was time.  I am always scared of doing these sorts of repairs, but I have done so many of them successfully and I have the original repair manuals.  This wasn't too bad, just a little messy, and you can see in one of these photos the shiny new replacement tube looks so tidy and fresh, you figure the kiln is good as new, for years to come…. :) Have a great Saturday!


smartcat said...

Good repairs! And......many happy firings to come!

Barbara Rogers said...

Keep on cooking those pots!

Michèle Hastings said...

Your kiln and sitter look similar to mine. Jeff has had it dismantled many times. When your a potter you have to know a little about everything!

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