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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

cookie jars or…...

I was making a couple of larger jars during my open studio a week ago, now out of the glaze firing.  I don't make many big pieces, not because I can't but because, I dunno, I am a small person??? Anyway, visitors like to see you make big things, right?  So I did, and they are, to me, cookie jars, but Amy and Dave were visiting and were like "those aren't BIG ENOUGH!" and hold out their hands for the imaginary plate size cookies they prefer, and I have to admit, it would be hard to fit PLATE SIZED COOKIES into them, but most others would fit just fine… :)

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Sandy said...

They turned out great Gary! I think most normal size cookies would fit! If you buy a BIG cookie you don't usually put it in the cookie jar anyway; you put it in YOU! Love the elephant top best myself. Suggestion, if you decide to make more, leave the bottom of the jars wider rather than tapered. Those rock!

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