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Saturday, October 1, 2016

end of...

September was wicked hot and beautiful.  Until yesterday! Then it got cold, wet, gloomy, typical for us.  I suspect there might be a lot of cold, wet and gloomy ahead…until May, when the snow ends….

SPEAKING of snow I dreamt I was going around in terrible circles, driving in a parking lot full of deep snow with the car windows covered….I didn't hit anything but I had no control over the car…a nightmare indeed.  But it isn't snowing yet….

Because of the weather I took a lot of the last tomatoes off the plant and will let them finish ripening indoors.  I got SO MANY tomatoes this year, just from some pots on the back porch, several weeks of eating them hand over fist, and it isn't over yet :)

Another nautical sort of pot…..have a great Saturday!

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