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Friday, June 3, 2016

snow boarding in June….

You hear of my dreams here a lot.  Because I roll out of bed and write the blog, and the dreams are quite vivid.  2 dream themes I have regularly are 1)  the pressure of finishing all my work to graduate college and 2) things had gotten very weird with our neighbors at our last house in New Hampshire, and my dreams put me back there reimagining the future, if we had stayed….(we moved ten years ago).

In January I had glaucoma surgery on my eyes and they don't use anesthetic and it certainly isn't as bad as a dose of chemo or having your wisdom teeth out, but it is painful, and it is fu!king SCARY.  Nurse holds your head into a machine, the doctor pushes painful instruments into your eye (no anesthesia, remember!) and then burns 100 holes into your iris…. so, it could be more painful, but it is not like they are doing this to your finger and you can look away, this is all coming AT YOU and into your eye.  So, just like the  video of snakes dropping from a ceiling (warning, i put that link there but was too chicken to look at it!) that they say will give you nightmares, I wondered if eye surgery would haunt my dreams, and last night I had one for the first time.  I wish I could erase it from my memory, like they manage to do with fun drugs and your colonscopy, but no……I also dreamt I was gonna try snowboarding.  I never have.  In my waking life, I am AFRAID.  In my dreams, well then!

In other news, I am tweaking the design for my dragon mugs once again, looks sharp, eh?  And I was sculpting a wall piece, pig and cow having tea, and thought it was cute, laid out like this, in process….have a great Friday!


JB said...

I know that fear of eye surgery...coming at you with no anesthetic...I do hope the out come is positive.

Caroline said...

Seriously that sounds like cruel and unusual treatment. Here's hoping they invent a better way. How the heck did you not blink??? Actually how the heck did you not faint before they started?

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