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Friday, June 24, 2016

here is a cute frog cup and saucer for all of us depressed and dismayed by Brexit

I know that a high percentage of the British public voted on the EU referendum yesterday, but you have to imagine the leave people were a lot more excited and motivated to vote, the stay side might have been more complacent and didn't bother to get to the polls…and we all wake up and SURPRISE! The sh!t hits the fan, prime minister resigns and the stock market crashes and that is JUST FOR STARTERS.  The problem with people who push for revolutions like that--they might be well meaning but they forget that revolutions make a lot of people suffer, and in my calculations, staying in the EU, maybe pushing it to do more of what Britain wants, would have benefitted the British and the world better.  There is a lot of crazy nationalism in this world leading to this vote, and andy n the US leading Trump to gain the repubs. nomination.  Nationalism can be a very dangerous thing, forgetting that you are part of the world and you have to work together with all people's for a common good….

ANYWAY, hopefully in November the US won't have any such disaster on our hands….I have been hands off with politics and important sh!t for awhile in this blog lately, and maybe it is time to let loose again.

Here is a wicked awesome cup and saucer with a frog to celebrate all that is cute…

1 comment:

smalltownme said...

Thank you for the frog. We needed it.

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