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Monday, June 6, 2016

making curry tacos with cats…vegan, gluten-free, FLAVORFUL!

The wife visited the cousins a couple of years ago and came home talking of cousin Catherine's curry chickpeas dish (click). Yesterday she makes it and posts it and the taste buds are reminded of that awesomeness and so we endeavor to have something like it, but we were in the mood for tacos.  No reason you can't have Indian tacos, right? The wife describes it correctly as "Indian-Mex fusion".

SO, we made gluten-free brown rice tortillas (which takes a little practice, but becomes EASY and is sooo delish, clic here). I have a recipe for spinach and chickpeas that I wanted to use because I had been to the store and there was way too much spinach in the fridge…needing to be eaten **** (recipe at bottom).  I also made some rice and peas **** (recipe follows)

You can guess this was all quite spectacular, and easy, and if you didn't know it already a) Indian food makes GREAT Mexican food and b) put ANYTHING into your tortillas! YUM! and c) making tortillas isn't hard, find some recipes! We just use a iron skillet, wax paper and rolling pin….

Gary's curry tacos
Load your tortilla with some cheese of some kind, curry chickpeas, rice and peas, shredded carrot, diced tomato and more hot sauce!

spinach and chickpeas:
-Saute diced onion and garlic, add curry and turmeric powder, black pepper, hot sauce, drain and rinse a can of chickpeas add to onion, add a little water, simmer several minutes.  Add 4 cups fresh spinach and simmer until it is all wilted and nicely mixed in.

rice and peas:
-Cook rice as usual, near the end add some frozen peas.  When done, stir in a little olive oil, hot sauce, and something like caraway seeds or mustard seeds.  YUM.

1 comment:

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I can't get over the bowl with raspberries in it... such a fantastic photo and contents!
The blue vase with daisies is lovely, too, but the first pic was so ZOWIE! good photographically. Like, it should be blown up and framed on a wall...

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