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Friday, June 10, 2016

it is all just a little freaky...

I wouldn't write about this if I lived in Florida:  our last 2 days were cold!  Wednesday was 40 in the morning (35 at my mom's hilltop farm) and the day got no warmer than 56, with rain and wind, etc…Thursday was in the 60s, but sunny and breezy.  You get into summer and you really don't want to be talking about 30s-40s do you?

But anyway, Thursday was gorgeous and I was babysitting Yogi…we hiked down a favorite trail and he went swimming in the creek, AFTER dropping the wife at the airport.  She is on the road visiting the cousins.  My parents didn't want me to be lonely (I wasn't!) so they stopped by.  I think they just wanted to see Yogi and our Penny.  Who wouldn't?

In other news, I had a very long dream I was living in a college cooperative house, as I did my sophomore year, amongst friendly housemates and a lot of mismatched dishes and spoons and furniture….except for the midnight fire in the kitchen (overcooking something) it was quite congenial and you can understand why sometimes people like having roommates or co-housing schemes…all of which is NOT something my waking self likes, as I prefer a quiet house with as few people around as possible….anyway, have an awesome weekend :)

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Yogi is so darn precious. Hey, could you send down some of that cooler weather....tis hot, humid and MORE humid here.
Happy Friday.

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