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Friday, August 1, 2014


Remember tapas?  Spaniards are like "Si! DUH!" and the rest of us remember the craze for wee dishes of snacks that swept the late 80s around the same time everybody started eating sushi.  You don't always hear about tapas these days, people want SUPERSIZE, not wee. Tapas are the little snack meals served at bars in Spain, just a little taste of something good, and a tapas restaurant would have like 30-40 choices and you and your date would order 5 little tastes, more or less, to make a yummy meal.

Anyway, cousin Bronwyn drove the wife around last month when the wife traveled.  She wanted little cookie plates, and I made them.  Plain.  I made some for us too. I was loading them up at dinnertime Thursday and said to self "my studio shot is so boring, grab the camera! They are much prettier in use!" and YES, the model was rewarded.....


Barbara Rogers said...

Lovely little plates...I've got a set (once had been for sale) which I use daily. Just right for gluten free the way, is there any kind that tastes good?

Cassi said...

I live out here in the barren Midwest (I'm not FROM here, or I'd never call it that!) and tapas only made it here a few years ago. We have a couple of tapas restaurants --good restaurants don't usually last too long in this city, so you have to go while they're around!

Very pretty plates, and how nice it must be to think about something like that and then make it :-)

Anonymous said...

Sweet plates--and snacks!
Someday when my kids grow older and I get new dishes, I plan on begging you to make me plates.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh! The darling little plates! We have a tapas place that we like here in San Diego! But I suspect whatever you make is still much better, especially because you service it on those darling little plates!

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