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Sunday, August 10, 2014

giant marshmallows across the landscape...

My parents have a beautiful farm, especially beautiful on a sunny August day.  They have about 90 acres with about 30 acres which another farmer cuts for hay, a pond, river and creek and a ton of hills and trees.  It is quite dramatic and beautiful.

Except, at the moment, for the giant marshmallows.
The farmer has always made those cute hay rolls which sit out on the hillside looking picturesque.
This year he covered them in plastic, darnitall.... which is what the landscape painter or photographer or  city slicker like me would say:  the farmer would no doubt look at me like I was crazy :)

Me at the top of the meadow, these pretty butterflies are all over.

Looking down from the top of the meadow.

Bottom of the meadow looking up.

Their drive.

The Otselic River alongside the edge of the drive.

The trail alongside the river.

The pond makes a pretty, mossy, ferny stream where it comes out.

The southern edge of the pond, looking toward the house.

Norhern end of the pond, looking south....I spent the afternoon Saturday and WILL spend today floating in it on a big inner tube. LUCKY ME, eh?

I can't garden plants for sh!t...but I am a rock thief.  I make very succesful rock gardens.

Finally, a feather from, I think, a red tailed hawk, a 2 X 3 inch egg shell from maybe a great blue heron and..... yes, fall is coming.  Have a great Sunday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Marshmallows and no pots. Glad you're relaxing. Bet that pond is so delightful!

bartster said...

love the pictures of this beautiful place! Do farmers in your area paint their hay rolls for halloween? I've seen pumpkins and other motifs painted onto the sides of rolls. But who knew YOU lived in an area where marshmallows are a cash crop?

smartcat said...

But think of the S'Mores you could make from those marshmallow! Or perhaps they would make a filling for Whoopee Pies!
Your parent's place is wonderful.
I refuse to admit that Winter is Coming unless it's in the form of a small white dog!
I think I've been out in the sun too long!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I. Still. Want. To. Buy. The. Farm. Someday.

Beautiful photos.

Also, I'm with smartcat! S'mores! Big-azz ones!

Michèle Hastings said...

Beautiful photos. I was snowshoeing in NH some years ago and came across a field where the "marshmallows" were stacked up like snowmen with charcoal eyes and buttons painted on them.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I think it's funny that so many of us had the first reaction of s'mores! That farm is gorgeous!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Their farm is picturesque. Love it. Those marshmallows are hilarious though. I love stealing rocks too….don't tell the authorities!

smalltownme said...

Where are the giant graham crackers and hershey bars?

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