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Thursday, March 28, 2013

dog day afternoon OR going to the dogs....

You are all going to think that this is a blog about....dogs! But on other days you probably think this is a blog! Or pots! Such is the diversity of my life, happily shared with YOU.

The last 2 days I have NOT done any pottery at all.... a variety of meetings and taking care of 3 household's dogs kept me busy and holy CATS I slept great!  Another 10 + miles Wednesday....anyway, that was just those 2 days, a perfect storm of dogs.  You asked yesterday to see pics of me walking the 2 big fluffy golden doodles, Yogi and his visiting older brother Fargo.  We worked out our routine and it was SO easy to just walk down the road.  You can see they are pretty interested in the neighbor's chickens...although the 2 of them are so good they just look.
My cute little beagle would have wanted to shred the chickens.  (she loves people though!)
I just love Fargo and especially Yogi.  I have never met such a well behaved and sweet young puppy like Yogi.  You would not be surprised to know Yogi's family is probably the nicest and most kindly anywhere, right?

Speaking of my cute little beagle, she is STILL a star when we visit the senior center on Wednesdays...
I am always so proud of her and how outgoing and fun she is!  Have an awesome day!



Busy Bee Suz said...

Those chickens don't know how lucky they are that you left Penny home on that walk. :)
You are putting on some good quality miles with those pups; good job! Love seeing Penny visiting the folks sweet.

smartcat said...

Oh for cute! Yogi is certainly getting to be a big boy!

It's always a joy to see Penny bringing so much happiness to the elders

Barbara Rogers said...

I bet those elders would be pretty surprised if Yogi came to visit. But they are really enjoying Penny, and it's probably good that all her energy is in a smaller size!

Emly SIL said...

Attagirl, Penny! (And, attaboy, Gary!) I love to see Penny at her finest.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Oh, how I wish you were taking Penny to my dad's place! (What? Don't you want to live in Tucson in the winter?)

Yogi and Fargo look like a happy handful!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

See what happens when I get too busy? I miss great posts like this full of fluffy pups! I'd take Yogi in a heartbeat!!!

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