Gary's vegan Irish soda bread (use milk rather than soy milk and it is not vegan :)

2 cups soy milk

2 tsp lemon juice
1.5 cups whole wheat flour
1.5 + cups white flour
1 cup quick oats
1 1/4 tsp each, both baking soda and baking powder
2 tbs sugar
1-2 tbs carraway seeds
2 tbs ground flax seed, optional
1 cup raisins

preheat to 425, grease an iron fry pan/skillet or round cake pan

-medium bowl, stir together lemon juice and soy milk, set aside 5+ minutes
-in very large mixing bowl, stir together all the rest
-after the 5 minutes, whisk the soy-lemon mix, combine with flour mixture
-put some flour on the counter, turn out the dough to knead--if it is sticky, add more flour, knead a minute or 2 until it seems nice
-form into a ball, place onto the skillet or pan, use a sharp knife to cut an X in the top, bake 30-45 minutes until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean