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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

so this is Christmas....

What a nice photo of the wife to celebrate our 20th anniversary, eh?  Lady looks magnificent doesn't she?  She is even nicer than she looks too :)
Yep, we had a great anniversary indeed.

I am a Quaker as you may know, and we might say "no day is more sacred than another" (HAHAHA!) and there is minimum fuss amongst Quakers on Christmas, officially.  (the wife and I party hearty...for a lot of reasons!  Not just the birthday of baby Jesus, but our own, you know, special day too)
BUT ANYWAY I thought that a humble way to spend Christmas, and since NObody else wanted to do it, would be to clean the Quaker meetinghouse.  My pal Nancy joined.  We have no clergy and no staff and members rotate around who gets to clean, and I am part of a small group that keeps the place scrubbed.
I usually try to be busily vacuuming something when it comes time to clean the 3 public bathrooms thereby tricking my partner into having to do it, but I was in a generous mood and jumped in and did them first ;)
(trying to earn bonus points with SANTA was I??? AND God and the baby Jesus, hmm????)
Outside the meeting,
inside the meeting

Potters always joke that thrill of opening a just fired kiln is like Christmas morning....and I had a just fired kiln to open on Christmas morning!

My best pal Lori Buff sent me a surprise mug for Christmas...exquisite!

The wife and I made tortillas for guac and sweet potato burritos OH MY...also a pumpkin pie for Christmas morning breakfast...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Hope you have a Merry one :)



smartcat said...

A lovely, generous thing to do on Christmas!

Most joyful and merriest of day to you and Maude.

Lori Buff said...

So glad you like the mug. Have a great everyday.

smalltownme said...

Pie for breakfast! Perfect! Have a wonderful day.

cm said...

That song was playing on the radio as I opened your blog. Merry Christmas! What is it about this time of year that spawns the urge to clean?

bartster said...

beautiful post...thanks for adding some beauty and generosity to the world...I like the idea that every day is sacred. Best to you

Busy Bee Suz said...

That might be my very favorite Christmas song.
So, I'm wondering if you have no set anything at your building, then who is in charge? I mean, if a pipe breaks, who gets the call? Or if no one cleans the bathrooms, who does it? I am always perplexed at anything that has no 'order'. You know? Me being all sorts of orderly.
P.S I think you are totally awesome for volunteering for these chores. I hope you and yours had a beautiful Christmas and anniversary.

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