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Saturday, December 29, 2012

HOLY SH!T pottery!

I was chatting with S. the other day "a Quaker tries to be humble and modest" and she is like "you are humble, you are good!" and I am like, quite honestly "NO I AM NOT.  I am snarky and sly and narcissistic and childish and immature.  But I can try to be good.  And humble."

This is not one of those posts, it is, as usual, ME ME ME!  Such as, you want to make pots sometimes where people go "holy sh!t lookit that!".  I was thinking the other day, as I reluctantly let a robot sugar bowl go to a new home (sometimes I make something and it does not go for sale for sits there and I think about it....) and I was like "put that guy on the side of a mug!" and the first 2 were tres exciting, but then I was thinking, like the middle one here, that he needed to be a little flatter against the mug...and you end up with a LOT OF HOLY SH!T lookit that pottery.  Or at least I think so ;)
(considerations, in practical terms, include making relief sculpture on the side of a mug that does not bump the chin or lips of the drinker, and also does not have little bits that poke you in the eye, etc, therefore the robot on the side opposite the handle....and that way, too, all the lefties who like to complain about righties are silenced!)

(robot mugs by me)


Barbara Rogers said...

You have a lot of consideration for the user of your pottery...which must count towards goodness! That black glaze really brings out the robots!

Lala said...

As my Gen X friends say: "Totes Adorbs!" Which, roughly translated means Totally Adorable - at least I think it does. :) I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, and sadly I just don't make the time to visit more often. That is part of my new year's resolution - to read (and comment) much more regularly! Keep writing, and potting!

Michèle Hastings said...

They look like rock climbing robots, or should I say mug climbing robots!

and this lefty thinks the robot placement on my RITH robot mug is PERFECT.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

These are so cool! Even though I am a righty, I realized after receiving my fabulous cat mug, that I drink tea as a leftie. Oh well, good thing I can be an ambidextrous drinker.

The other good thing about the placement of these robots is that while you are drinking the robot is facing out so everyone else can see how awesome your mug is and be jealous. Oops, so much for being humble.

Happy new year, my friend! :)

bartster said...

Rithbots? I could see Zilla finding his/her way onto mugs too.

From one who takes great pride in his humility....not really!

Anonymous said...
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Busy Bee Suz said... crack me up so much.
Love all your silly pottery...because if comes from the silly and "humble" YOU!
Happy new year to you, the missus and your sweet critters!

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