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Thursday, December 20, 2012

speaking of crazy cat ladies....

This is a scary development, turns out Spike is so totally huge he can reach up to the table...for hot sauce?  Seems a little CHEEKY doesn't it?  Then again, cats are more than capable of simply jumping on the table....which is not allowed.  Maybe Spike thinks that REACHING up to the table IS allowed?

I was walking the dog yesterday, just before my best pal Maggie comes over....and I am thinking "what if I took my mom's good oatmeal cookie recipe and replaced the egg and water with a cup of SOY yogurt to make it totally vegan?" and HOT DAMN twas brilliant and worked wonderfully.  I need to use soy yogurt to replace eggs in other things....
here's can see Spike and Penny adore her.....

There will be a giveaway this weekend from a mega-blogger WITH A BOOK AND MOVIE DEAL this weekend.  What, pray tell, am I giving away as part of this?   A bowl like this one here!  2 are for sale now at my etsy shoppe....bowl with cute cats and a mousebowl with cute cats and a mouse


Busy Bee Suz said...

No booster or step stools for Spike! Yikes.
Have a wonderful day!!!

smartcat said...

Something strange is going on with your photos. At first try the only ones that came up were the bowls. Now I can get all but the first one. This seems to be the same case with your previous posts.

Of course, it may be Cox (my comp company). They've had some strange problems lately.

Lori Buff said...

Great idea for a give away, I'm sure that will make someone really happy, the bowls are so cute.

BTW, I'm not having any issues with the blog pictures.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Gus, our giant black (panther) cat can almost reach the kitchen counter. One more 1/2 inch, and he can make his own breakfast.

smartcat said...

Everything is fine now.

I think Spike is a Stretchy Cat. (Stretchus Catticus?) Characteristics are an ability to stretch and reach beyond what would be considered normal. Aloysius can reach the counters while standing on the floor and will grope around for anything that feels interesting. Spike is such a big boy that I imagine arguing with him over space would be a contest of wills.

JB said...

Do our animal give us a kiss just to see the fabulous distorted faces we pull as a consequence. They wouldn't be so mean!

Gary the crazy cat said...

Every time I hear the word crazy cat lady I think of my partaner

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