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Sunday, December 23, 2012

speaking of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree....

I surprise the wife with the glorious decorated Christmas tree Saturday...we never have one because of our naughty cat, but we do now!  The little cutie in the header and here.  The wife notices "huh, scraggly, half dead pine branch with one ornament bending it over and Snoopies around it...." and I am like "I KNOW just like" and she finishes "Charlie Brown's tree!".  Note the small actual beagle in there looking like she is tired of the camera...and some of you will recognize the sock monkey up there too....
I was shoveling outside and found the branch in the snow and thought it would make a festive wee tree to go with our other chaotic and festive anarcho-punk decorations hanging from the ceiling....

our future Christmas tree, blown down by the wind...

our house, newly painted, looking glorious and bright in the snowstorm

the bridge over the river behind our house...with wife and dog

I am betting that my friends in San Diego never have stop signs covered with snow....

Penny at the park and in our backyard and at the local church's manger was not the worst winter storm I have ever seen, but it was maybe the windiest:  so windy, I was running down the road and was literally blown off!


Michèle Hastings said...

it's Georges Le Soq! Has returned from France for some holiday high jinks?
and your tree is perfect.

Barbara Rogers said...

That Penny is a hoot. Love her coat. Charlie Brown might just be your brother or cousin? Snoopy sure does live with you!

Shortstuff said...

You got snoooooooow! Have a Merry Christmas Gary and Maude (and Penny and Spike).

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