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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"we're not laughing AT you Spike, we're laughing WITH you"

Mother nature was laughing at us Monday, surprise! Half foot of snow! More elsewhere. Trees and power lines down all over, flowers suffering.....some people from the south or even relatives down in NY city say "I can't believe you could have snow in late April!". Snow is April is the NORM. The 86 degrees we had last week is unusual!
Spike was grooming himself and being cute on the couch. Like people say, THAT IS A BIG CAT. he is so sweet natured and friendly though......

KILN just opened, NOW! Cooling indeed, and like I said yesterday, check out Godzilla in the upper right, eating a car!


Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say Spike is the best. That first photo is very cute and the "look" in the third just SO "cat." Gotta love 'em. Good luck with the snow. ~annie

smartcat said...

We had three and a half inches of much needed rain while you had snow. It sure makes me glad I don't live any further north than I do.

Spike, you look like a big cuddle guy.

Barbara Rogers said...

Meow to Spike...what a beautiful guy. What does one say to Godzilla? Growl? He's cute.

Unknown said...


I'm trying to remember the name of the artist whose "Love to eat them mousies" work I like so much! B. Kliban, I think. This is so perfect: Spike could have been a B. Kliban model, for sure!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh yes Susan, B/ Kliban indeed, and his cat was ALSO a chubby grey tiger :)

Lori Buff said...

This year the seasons have been playing with us.
Spike looks like he's watching a football game or something, you need to bring him a beer. Very funny and cute.

Hilary said...

Spike, sweetie! So cute. He looks like my Skitty.

We escaped the snow (so far) but yes, it feels winterish again. What a bonus March's summer-like temperatures were.

smalltownme said...

Our weather is boomeranging too. Went from 90's last week to rain predicted for this week. Spike has the right idea -- stay inside and take a bath. And a cat nap, too.

Susan as Herself said...

I think Spike is even bigger than Chief (and chief is no shrinking violet at 15.4 lbs)! But you can tell he is a great cat.

As for the snow...UGH. I heard that part of NY State got hit...and like you said, not outside the norm. The poor plants and flowers!

Joe Troncale said...

I used to live in Syracuse, so we always joked that if you didn't like the weather, wait 5 minutes!

Great Godzilla. Send more pics of the car!

Michèle Hastings said...

i do say, has Spike dropped a few ounces? He is looking a little more svelte... or perhaps you photographed him at just the right angle.
is the snow melted now?

Joyful Things said...

I first thought Boynton but no, Spike is Kliban! and looking a bit like he's had enough camera action in the third pic of him.

gz said...

Crazy weather!!

Lovely pics of Spike...but the last one does look as if he is thinking "Do you mind??!! "

cm said...

That picture gives Miss Molly a run for her money. ;-)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

That white stuff? Exactly why we don't live in New England anymore.

I wouldn't laugh at Spike. He looks like a big teddy bear cat.

Reverend Awesome said...

Scott saw the snow and said, "Tell Gary that is my worst nightmare."

We do not want the snow to appear again. You can't tease us with Spring like that! Of course the nice temps have us convinced the weather is going to remain nice. It was cold 2 days ago, now it's 80. Figure it out, mother nature!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Snow? Are you kidding me????? wow.
Spike, I feel for should be able to have this private moment by being private. :)

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