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Sunday, April 15, 2012

"I can't do it in less than 3 minutes"

(the aftermath)
I am out with the wife Saturday having the delightful hair appt with Michelle of the magic fingers at Karma Salon. The wife here looks rather cute and curly durly indeed, hmm?
Anyway, I sit down and tell Michelle
"You know egg timers?" and she is like "what?" and I tell her "you know, egg timers, 3 minutes?" and she is like "mmmOK" and I say "we went pretty short last time and this week I was thinking my hair is quite perfect, so can you just..." and Michelle is quick
"I can't cut you hair in less than 3 minutes!" and I am like "well, not LITERALLY, just trim the sides a bit" and she is like "AH" and gets down to it and I am like "because you know how curly hair like mine is" and Michelle is like "yep, if the sides get long it looks all PUFFY" and I am telling the wife later, about keeping it trimmed and she is like "oh, then it would be a 'fro".


Joyful Things said...

3 minutes!! That's not nearly enough for the haircut experience.

and just say no to the 'fro.

smalltownme said...

You are a sharp looking couple! My husband is all about keeping the sides trimmed because with nothing on top, if the sides are long the Bozo the Clown look develops.

Reverend Awesome said...

Scott has curly hair. I've alwasy wanted curly hair. My mom would curl mine for me sometimes. The way that worked best was when we cut up sheets and wrapped my hair tightly around it and tied it up. The foam rollers just made my head look nuts about midday.

Of course I also had her braid my hair while it was wet. Sleep on it so when I woke up it was all crimped. (The pre-crimping iron days and after I saw Splash. Huge crimp time for me...)

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