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Thursday, November 10, 2016

just plain AWFUL

The people who push bloody revolutions tend to forget that many will suffer along the way.  I am a WASP male, the people who have been wielding the power in the US since the beginning, but yes, I am terrified too:  I am not a minority or other easily targeted group, but I am slowly going blind with glaucoma and I have Obamacare.  The clueless would say "go ahead then, get a job with health insurance!".  But is that so easy?  Even Smallmart does everything it can to avoid giving employees health insurance, and how many employers want an older guy slowly going blind? Nobody is gonna grab my pussy, and compared to most people I don't have anything to complain about, but things look like sh!t around this nation…

Americans just put a bad joke in office. Speaking of WASP males, the guy at the gas station, the guy at the PO giddily try to start happy conversations about the election, NUH uh, I'm not talking with YOU about this, bro. You and your ignorance and hate are not my tribe.  All day long my belly felt like I had eaten a five week old burrito left out in the rain, a new feeling, do I have to get used to it?

For the moment, though, I am the luckiest guy in the world, as I have pots to make, and what I am making is dragons. Lots of dragons.  This dude was sold before it was even fired….and making more is  great therapy in very troubling times.

dragon cookie jar by Gary Rith


smartcat said...

I was physically ill yesterday!
We, like you, are a WASP household. As a woman of a certain age I have very little to fear for myself, but I am frightened for all those present and virtual friends who are just a bit different.
I received a thank you letter from Hillary Rodham Clinton today that brought me to tears. How she can be so positive in the face of such adversity only speaks to her strength.

smartcat said...

P.S. if you feel my response is inappropriate please do not hesitate to delete it.
I am making gargoyles today!

Cassi said...

I have that same horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. As an older white woman with a decent job, I'll be fine. But the sadness, of knowing that we are all surrounded by people who found Trump to be a viable candidate for leading our country makes me cry if I think about it too much. So, I'm keeping busy, in order to make sure that I don't dwell too much in that dark pit. Spreading love and kindness to my tribe is the most important thing I can do right now.

Carol said...

I threw up.
I couldn't stop shaking until late last night.
We are the majority!!

Michèle Hastings said...

As Jeff and I watched the polls come in on election night, my stomach just sank. I finally went to bed. He stayed up half the night, hoping things might change.
Yesterday was emotional.
Today I had to pick myself up and get back to work. I have to have faith that as a nation we will get past this.
May the beautiful dragons slay all things evil!

Anonymous said...

Our guts feel the same way. You're in my tribe. And I hear you, I'm kind of avoiding the other tribe for a while right now. I cannot CANNOT stomach them. It's freaking scary.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Finally got past the nausea but am still in avoidance mode. Getting ready to go out to a college campus for a folk music festival with a friend and my safety pin.

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