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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

WHOOPSIE! The big mistake...

OK, so I recheck the notice yesterday to find that the deadline for the exquisite little things show was NOT September 22 but September 2….dammit.

But I had considered my entries and it was between these 2 groups of 3 yesterday….I don't feel as bad about blowing the deadline as you would think, as it inspired me to make some wicked great stuff I may not have otherwise….

Which group of 3 would you choose?


smartcat said...

Bummer on the date confusion!

The top photo is of the three I chose! Great minds! :-D

Trudy said...

And I would have picked the bottom the two color, spotty one

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh my goodness, that's the pits. I like the bottom trio because of different textures on the walls of the pots, and you are notorious (well known) for your animals on pots. But the top ones are also lovely! Keep on trucking!

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