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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Who needs a taco truck? YOU need a taco truck!

I don't need one, simply because I make some seriously great tacos myself.
Yesterday we made some corn tortillas, took 2 each and melted some cheese and spinach in between to make a quesadilla, then topped with a lentil-rice-veg mix, shredded carrot and salsa and it was MIND BLOWINGLY tasty.

OK, here it goes:  it was, as I constantly moaned, a rough week in a rough month.  Most of our questions have been smoothed over, luckily. So it is nice to be in September and sleeping the sleep of the less-worried.

Last night, though, MAN! The dreams…in one, my bike is accidentally taken away while I wait for a bus and I spend the whole dream looking for it…in another dream I am certain I can fix the body on the car and make it WORSE thereby needing the body shop to do 5 times more work than it would have (in the dream I think I have a replacement part so I take a pickaxe to the car…and destroy something important along the way…) then I am at the shop at the end of the day with a 20 mile walk to get home because something is wrong with my bike (see previous dream).  ANYWAY, not surprising is it?

SO like I say, those tricky questions have been mostly dealt with, and my tomatoes are still going great guns and sunflowers too and have a happy day!


Carol said...

and your tomatoes look great!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I have those broken car dreams too . . . and I've never seen a taco truck that didn't look like it needed a little work, either!

smalltownme said...

That is a killer taco. Yum!

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