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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dumping a prescription and getting back to …normal?

An asthma medication I have been on for a few months made me feel….fukked up.  I talked with a doctor, not the prescribing one, about some problems with it and he said try going without…GAWDAMN am I glad I stopped taking it.  I mean, my breathing had been magically clear, but sleep trouble and depression are SO not worth it.  I haven't talked with the prescribing allergist yet, but no way do I do want to do that one again.  Doctors are quick to prescribe because they want us healthy, but who wants to feel like a messed up medicine box?

So yesterday I made my first apple pie of the season…YES, I am too lazy most of the time to mess with  full-size pie dishes and rolling out a big piece of dough etcetc…these little baking cups, I just pat a little disk in the bottom, then add the apples and pat a little disk on top, mmmmmmmmm….made corn bread and a huge pizza too, you KNOW I was feeling wicked good….


Michèle Hastings said...

The mini pies are adorable!
Glad you are feeling better.

smalltownme said...

Life is great when you're feeling better. Hard tradeoff, easy breathing vs sleeping and depression but it sounds like you made a good choice.

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