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Sunday, September 11, 2016


I saw my first potter made piggy in the late 80s, and started to make my own…a bottle turned on its side, turned into a piggy!  I made so many of them in the 90s and early zeros that I made my logo the pot and pig, a drawing I do of a  piggy making a pot.  I still love pigs.  And selling piggy banks is easy! I don't make so many as before…

ANYWAY, I have been fiddling around, wanting a new pink glaze.  It looks superb.  So I made some pigs and delivered them to SunnyDays in Ithaca yesterday, such an awesome shop….go there and get yourself a pig!

And my tomatoes are at that point when literally every time I walk past them I pluck off a few more, that is SO cool :)


Michèle Hastings said...

I get often get asked for pink piggy banks. Since I don't have a pink glaze, I send them your way!

Summer said...

I love my blue spotted piggy bank I got from you fiercely!

smalltownme said...

Perfect pigs and perfect tomatoes, you are on a roll.

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