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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

the millions of odds and ends it takes to make a pot….or at least, get it in front of YOU

There are a million odds and ends in pottery (and being a self-employed artist.)  People ask "how long did it take you to make that mug?"  And I will say something like total of 30 minutes or whatever, although what they SEE during one of my open studio demos is it takes about 2 minutes to make the mug body on the wheel.  BUT OH that is just one little part of the whole thing, although customers don't know it: yesterday I both mixed glazes and packed a zillion pots for fairs occurring this weekend and later this month.  (of course, there is also buying clay, preparing clay to throw, trimming that mug, firing that mug, glazing that mug, driving to the craft fair…time adds UP).

It is all so dang fun, but I always say potters make less than if we worked at Starschmucks….


bartster said...

I love how the glaze breaks and how it gathers in the folds of the bowls' interiors.

debra said...

I think that the real answer is 30 minutes and 30 years. :-)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Thirty minutes on the mug PLUS all the rest and of course you have to baby the kiln along and work when it is hot and when it is cold...
Most people seem to think it's just the cost of the small bit of raw materials. They don't think about having to pay to gather up everything needed to make it (tools) and come up with the design plus those raw materials.
I had someone question last week why I would charge $10 for a pair of earrings. This pair had 40yo vintage heart beads from Germany and 100yo vintage Venetian seed beads, and once she heard that she said, oh, okay, I see... (but again, that's just a few raw materials which aren't sold in tiny quantities).

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