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Thursday, March 26, 2015

working as a lawn boy AND meanwhile, back at the table....

I was dreaming just now that I was a paid driver and lawn boy...which involved mowing the lawn shirtless on warm days....I wasn't being paid for MORE than that, but I was being paid for that, if you see what I mean...
(in reality, the wife, being several years older than me, has joked that if I had been their high school handyboy when I was 16 and she 23.....well ANYWAY I am a zillion times s3xier NOW, I am do duty in the kitchen, which is probably the s3xiest thing a man can do, right?)

Enough of my bullshirt.
New bowls and cups by Gary Rith, have an awesome Thursday!


Caroline said...

Cute cups. When I saw the title of the post I couldn't imagine how you were mowing the lawn with all that snow.

Barbara Rogers said...

With the temps you've had lately (er forever!) no wonder you dream about going shirtless! I like the new color split, cute!

Michèle Hastings said...

I love how this new design is evolving.
I could use a lawn boy about now... the grass here is growing and needs to be mowed.

Trish said...

Hi Gary.. the new flowery pattern IS lovely.. Spring! :).. thanks for checking in with me too.
Cheers, Trish

JB said...

Husbands that cook are gold!

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