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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

box o' flowers....

(new lidded box by Gary Rith)
You will recall I have been trying my hand at flowers--these blossoms, I think, worked out super-good!
I really love little round lidded boxes, and wonder why I don't make more of them (small-ish, good for holding rings, teabags, candy, paper clips). I have made them in one piece, like a balloon, then cut them into lid and base, but it is just so easy to make a modified bowl for the bottom with an inset gallery to hold the lid, which is just a small bowl, really, turned over.  ANYWAY I wanted to make this first one because it allowed plenty of space on top to draw flowers, then the base is spring-green.  I am gonna make these flowers on EVERYTHING NOW I like it so much, with either green or blue inside the pot, just watch me!

In other news, my Australian friends may not know that if it is cold enough, waterfalls and rivers freeze. Maybe not solid down to the riverbed, but totally covered with ice on top. Fall Creek is the small river behind our house and it is finally starting to thaw...and we do have less snow cover, down to a bare spot or 2, otherwise still 1-2 feet on the ground plus piles....yes, we have had snow totally covering the ground since maybe December... I DID see little white snowdrop flowers in a sunny spot in front of somebody's house yesterday!


Lori Buff said...

That's a sweet little covered box.

Caroline said...

Lidded box...gorgeous! Frozen river...not so great.

bartster said...

Yogi looks like he's sussing out any and all clues that spring is on the way. Must be the week for lidded items. I like the color scheme and decor you're using.

Barbara Rogers said...

What a sweet little box...great idea!

Michèle Hastings said...

Your little round box is very sweet. The new flower design is perfect for them

Deborah J said...

I love seeing your cold and snow, though I know it's not always fun for you. The lovely pottery is a bonus :)Tomorrow here the forecast is for 38C...100F. Hot. Sigh. Waving from Australia.

Anonymous said...

you CANNOT go wrong with a cunning little box. Especially once you add those flowers.
I bet waterfall season will be gorgeous this year for you after all that snow.

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