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Friday, March 20, 2015

take 5.....

Taking a break me a favor, write your favorite joke in the comments!


Caroline said...

A man returns from work with a lie detector robot. His 12 year old son comes home 3 hours late from school:

Father: Where’ve you been all this time?
Son: I was in the library doing homework.

The red light flashes on the robot… The father explains:

Son, this robot is a lie detector! You’d better tell the truth…
Son: Ok, I was at a friend’s and we were watching a film: the 10 commandments.

Red light flashes on robot:

Boy: Actually, it was an erotic film…
Father: I’m ashamed of you! At your age, I never lied to my parents!

Red light flashes. The mother laughs and says:

He’s definitely your son!

Red light flashes on robot.

smartcat said...

Go to my Facebook page to read Cliff's thoughts on the benefits of beer!
See you soon!

Barbara Rogers said...

You deserve 5...I never remember jokes, but love to laugh at others'

knittergran said...

Question: Do you have trouble making decisions?
Man answers: Well, yes and not.

That's all folks!

Caroline said...

Please add the new flower pots to etsy!

Deborah J said...

Why did Snoopy quit?

He was tired of working for Peanuts.

Haaaaaaaaaaa! Well it amuses me :)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

What do you call a parrot in a rain coat?


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