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Saturday, March 28, 2015

8 pets is ENOUGH!

No, they are not all mine....but 2 are!
Friday was one of those days when nearly EVERYBODY I know asks if I can give their pet a good outing....and I COULD AND DID.

Yogi's family asked at the last minute if he could hang out with me in the morning...Yogi lives across the street and does whatever I am doing, the easiest dog to care for...he is my Penny's buddy, too...

SO, he was hanging out all morning, and had a walk down the street....
....then our Penny went out and had lunch with Spike...

Took Soupy out for a brief walk and a treat....

...then over to Nook's house.  They live near Ithaca Falls, which is pretty spectacular with the spring melt....

Nook has a little cat brother named Abu...they get along very well, but he wonders why the cat gets treats TOO....

Then over to Kiko's for a good walk...she can be pretty exuberant, right?

Finally Puffy the cat.
Puffy couldn't be more sweet or happy, but her owner tells me "she only pukes when we go on vacation!" which is a little unfortunate.  I wrote a haiku:

Don't look too closely
At what the cat horked up.

YES, then home to Penny and Spike who were ready for their own food, water and walk!


Barbara Rogers said...

Everybody wants to play with you, Gary! Can I come over and play too? Shucks, just have to get to your "hood" first.

bartster said...

Looks like a joyous crowd. The haiku cracks me up!

Michèle Hastings said...

Love that last kitty pic!

I am so tired cleaning up kitty puke... Sophie is a champion of barfing. Ick.

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