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Monday, March 2, 2015

mugshot Monday: when cute goes heavy metal!

(new mugs by Gary Rith...bunny and bear wearing pink skull tee shirts winter does some weird sh!t to the creative mind, doesn't it? :)
I LOVE the idea of cute and NOT cute together, which makes it cute and...ironic? Or just cute and HIP?
They are so cheerful.
I am weary of winter.
The wife and I discussed it:
"well, at least we havn't had any of those 1-3 foot of snow storms this winter, knock on wood"
she "there is 3 feet of snow on the ground now!"
"yeah, but it all has come down a few inches at a today, a few more...."

Small consolation, but they say it is gonna warm up for fourth of July....


smartcat said...

Punk teddies and bunnies! Way to go!
Six more inches of white stuff this morning' possible rain on Wednesday!

Barbara Rogers said...

Very cute mugs...and I missed skulls till you told me. In my warped images I saw old roller skate keys. That will surely date me.

bartster said...

I like the juxtaposing. What about zombies or skull people wearing bunny or bear tee shirts?

Lori Buff said...

Those mugs are great. It takes just a second before you notice the skulls. Very fun.

Michèle Hastings said...

I like Bartster's idea.
We hit 60 degrees here today, wahoo!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Cute mugs! Barster's idea is good too... reminds me of when you made Godzilla eating cars.

Love those pitchers up in your header. It was almost spring here but our temperatures are back in the teens at night and the few inches of green shoots from the tulips are very sorry they showed up last week!

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