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Monday, October 20, 2014

tidal waves, a crazy night of dreams and Jack Russells....

Oh my, such unsettled dreams! It is not often I share under the tip of the iceberg that is me, but here goes:
In the first, I was in a Nazi death camp that somehow fomented a rebellion against the Germans and succeeded in kicking them out and securing freedom for the prisoners.  (Brad Pitt will be starring in THAT movie as me, right?)
It was awful.  More awful than awful.  Where did THAT come from?

Second dream I was visiting a middle school friend I have not seen since we were 16.  We went muddin' down a creek bed.  I have never been muddin' and wouldn't want to go muddin'.  He had a fat tired monster truck and we drove down the middle of a creek for some miles...destroying as much life as possible, I s'pose...for which I naturally felt guilty and wondered what the fuk I was doing in THAT dream....

Final dream I was back in Chicago visiting, and on the ground floor of a lakefront building when Lake Michigan began churning up HUGE waves.  When I lived there, some storms produced large waves which would sweep across the sidewalks, but not like this:  2-3 stories high and higher, coming up and into buildings.  It was speculated that there had been an earthquake under the lake. This is very unlike her, but my sister was with me and figured that if stores would be flooding we could get a lot of sales on good stuff from flooded stores....where did THAT dream come from?

OK, these mugs?  Another kid from middle school writes me "hey, could you make 2 mugs with my Jack Russells?" (see below) and it is like "SURE THING! How different is a terrier from a my studio?".  Not too different.....
have an awesome week!

(new mugs by Gary Rith)


Lori Buff said...

It seems our dreams often come from places outside ourselves.
Nice mugs.

smalltownme said...

I have been having some weird dreams lately, full of frustrations. I don't like it!

I like seeing the dogs' mugs on the mugs, though!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Do you think dreams come from past lives? Some say they do. I don't know but the idea intrigues me. We know energy lives on after we go, so ... Maybe it isn't just dreams that come from past lives. Maybe our feelings and things that seem familiar are from energy that came from before us. Who knows? Not me. I just wonder and maybe even find that it does do some 'splainin ...

Anyway! Back to muggy Monday. Love the Jack Russells!

Michèle Hastings said...

I love the jack russell mugs! Our dear friend Roni in NH has a jack russell, I bet she would love one of these mugs.
Weird dreams here too... and it isn't even a full moon.

Barbara Rogers said...

Such a lucky friend to have 2 Gary JRT mugs. Dreams? Well, I'd just pay attention to the people who visited you in them...and check out who they might resemble to you...and horrah for getting through them all. Eating spicey food! Just saying...

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