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Thursday, October 2, 2014

entertaining myself

I was telling the wife yesterday "OK, maybe I sound like a flake, but my dreams of other people are so real it MUST be psychic messages they send me!"

Or whatever.
But almost all of my many dreams are very entertaining to me, all night long.
Last night I had 2 good ones.

In one, I was in a mental health know, some kind of place where people have been sent because of a serious breakdown, and I had seven roommates, girls and boys.  They were all whooping it up until the wee hours and I wanted to sleep, so I said "look, somebody smuggled some weed in a compartment in this book, why don't you guys go outside and whoop it up?".  Offering weed to teenagers in a mental health ward is like offering them snickers bars....but a million times more tempting.  I was able to rest easy and....
dream another dream!  In the next dream I was walking up behind my neighbor's house.  In reality, we live pretty close to the Chobani headquarters. Let me explain, small upstate NY family cow farms, and there are many fewer than there were 100 years ago (the business having moved to larger pastures in the midwest), but you drive around and you're like "holy cowsh!t, lookit that little farm's huge new barns!".  Chobani sends people around saying something like "Sure, you have 35 cows now, but what if you had 1000?  We'd buy all that milk and more!" I like dairy farms in theory, a few cute cows in a field (although I am dairy intolerant), but this is a whole new ballgame, EVERYWHERE around here, and you don't see cute cows in fields, you see huge barns full of cows chomping away and their stinking cesspits....
ANYWAY, that is what was happening to my neighbors, presto!  New barns everywhere.  Inside the house they had a cute beagle like ours and I rubbed its belly. I started asking them about the barns, politely, but they set their German shepherd on me by "accident" was pretty scary.  I don't often have scary dreams.  The dog didn't hurt me because I curled up in a little armadillo ball...

In other news, the wife's idea of flowers in pots for pictures is a pretty good one, eh?  I should try all kinds of set up shots, like muffins in a bowl or other picturesque sh!t, right?  Have a good one!

(new pottery by Gary Rith)


Barbara Rogers said...

Great idea to put some blooms in your vases, to give a scale to them...since they range from tiny to huge. Now about your dreams...nah, can't think of anything, but I do like laughing about them...makes mine seem pretty tame.

Cassi said...

That is a stunning combination, that particular blossom in that particular vase.

Anonymous said...

I like that vase/flower arrangement--the colors and form.
Ah, the megafarm. We have several by us. Up the road one mile 1800 cows rotate on 3 shifts of milking, to our east are several farms with 3000+ cows. As you know, that much cattle requires a LOT of acres for corn and fodder, too.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

You have the best dreams! (Except the scary one in which you had to be armadillo-ish.) And Maude has the best ideas!

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