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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

don't forget: open studio weekend!

I was on Ithaca's Art Trail for a few years.  It costs a few hundred bucks to join (!!!!!!!!) and customers would always ask "do you try to sell things?" (YES!  500 bucks is a LOT of mugs, please buy something!) or "I thought the county paid YOU to be on the trail" (oh gosh, people are so naive and trusting, no I pay THEM) and there were school groups and scout troops who would arrive in vans to my very small studio to watch me work.  Nothing wrong with them, but there could have been a problem AND kids are not exactly the buying public, right?  (back to 500 bucks is A LOT OF MUGS TO SELL).

SO, I do my own off Broadway thing and invite customers and friends known to me and it costs me nothing.  Many fewer people come, but last year, for example, only ONE person did NOT buy something.
A lot of groovy things in the studio.  Come over if you can, love to see you! Saturday and Sunday 11-5.


smartcat said...

Terrific little airplanes. Shouldn't Godzilla have one? I love the pastel colors of your cosmos. And here you say your have black thumbs! Or are they courtesy of the lady of the house?
Have a most excellent week end. It's just a bit far for a day trip so my attendance will be virtual!

Michèle Hastings said...

Yikes... $500 is a lot for a studio tour. I hope the promoters put a lot of money into advertising it.
Good luck with your own gig, wishing you lots an lots of sales.

Barbara Rogers said...

My wishes are going out to you for lots of sales too. Love pigs in planes! They won't be around long.

Lori Buff said...

You know, sometimes I wonder if the only people making any money off art shows are the organizers that ask for checks.
My studio sale is one of my best events of the year, it cost so little to do it, I don’t have to pack pots into my truck and I know the bathrooms are clean.
I hope you have a great sale.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


I wish you a wonderful weekend and lots of SALES!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Hope you have a wonderful open house and lots of sales on Saturday! I'll be there in spirit...waiting of my little piggy plane to arrive. Ha! So glad I could buy one before the pottery buying public sees them! :) Thanks Gary! LOVE all those vases too.

JB said...

If I could I would come and buy one of those flying pigs. I just adore them! I think the "off broad way" concept is much better.

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