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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

extraordinary things....

(Godzilla serves tea wallpiece by Gary Rith)

You want to be grateful in life, right?  Be mindful of the good that happens everyday, the big and the small.
yesterday had a LOT to be grateful for. Like this item, fresh outta the kiln:
I like to make sculpted wall pieces, as you know, and I also like to make tiny pots.  They go together well.  The joke in my mind, in the Godzilla piece above, is that he is fiercesome and terrible, usually, but here he looks friendly and is offering up some tea...cracks me up!

Yesterday afternoon I was like "I hope Spike keeps licking Penny while I get the camera!" and OH MAN, what a friendly cat, hmm????

FINALLY, you see me below with my 2 assistants making veggie tempura.  "What is that?" you ask?
Japanese dish, with lightly battered and fried veggies.  I used these cute tiny white and lavendar eggplants I love, which are called something like "fairytale eggplants" and carrots.
I did this, admittedly my first time EVER making veggie tempura, after this convo with the wife, who was in NY city with her sister Sunday:

"We are gonna go out and get noodles and veggie tempura!"
"OH, I know how to make veggie tempura, just you wait till you get home" sez I
"You do?  REALLY?  I didn't know that..."  (good point, she has never seen me make veggie tempura before)
"OF COURSE I know how..." then Ihad to run to the computer and look up a gluten-free easy veggie tempura recipe (click here) and paired it with vegan stoner's peanut noodles (click here) and HOLY CATS, how could it be so darn tasty??????????

I know, you wish you were married to me, too LATE by 22+ years :) Have a great Wednesday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Yay Gary, Spike, Penny and vegie gluten-free tempura! Oh and godzilla the tea master TOO! (sorry this may be second comment of same attempt...grrrr)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Look at those cool little eggplants! Love Spike and Penny pics!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I LOVE Godzilla serving tea! The veggie tempura looks YUMMY YUMMY OH MY GOSH OH GOLLY!

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