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Monday, August 18, 2014

COOP = prettiest town in America....

Cooperstown is something else.  It has the prettiest lake, hills and is one thing it is famous for, and it has ensured prosperity for the area, but it is also a literary and arts destination.  About 2 hours from us, the Cooperstown Art Association invited me to be in the "NY State Earth, Wind and Fire Art Invitational".... so I went over with 20 pieces, and it did not NEED to be really WIND  themed, but about half my work was flying pigs....

Cooperstown Art Association is in this building, wonderful isn't it?  Public library AND police too!

You see below I had my boxes and my folding have NO idea how crowded Cooperstown is on a sunny August day, the whole world, or at least all of the baseball fans in New Jersey are there, but I know the place pretty well and drove in the back way, parked a block away from the crowds and schlepped my pots...

An absolutely wonderful lake is one block from downtown and the Art Assoc.....

There are huge old mansions all over, but the picture above is approx. across the street from this cute little house for sale...who would NOT want to buy that cute little house by the lakefront in the prettiest town in America????? (probably has  an unGODly price....and the roof looks a little mossy, hmm?)

It helps keep the town afloat in cash...all the baseball crap.  Some of it is very classy and fun, some of it is junk.  I think the wax George Steinbrenner is maybe a little....

I was looking in a window wondering what those tiny little flat caps with no brim yamulkas! BRILLIANT!

Baseball Hall of Fame is across from the Art Association.  (can you guess which was quiet and empty and which was packed with people from New Jersey????)
You see banners there--I lived in Chicago in my 20s and saw Big Frank Thomas up close, playing for the White Sox, and there he is! A Hall of Famer....

My parents live on the way home...I was gonna go swimming, but DANG, it was not hot...good for hiking though.
I saw a coyote in this spot on top of their meadow last week.  My sister is a biologist who happens to also be visiting my mom and dad, and she has one of those wildlife cameras you strap to a tree and check from time to time...maybe it will catch Wiley Coyote in action...have a great Monday!


Michèle Hastings said...

Too funny... the blog post I just wrote is about the invitational show that Jeff is part of in WV. The name of the show is also EARTH, WIND AND FIRE!!!

Barbara Rogers said...

Hahahaha, baseball yamulkas...what next? There's a store here that sells everything sports teams related. Bet they don't have those! Hope lots of your pots are in the exhibit!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

The baseball yamulkas are making me kvell! I'm not sure if kvell is the best word because I'm a Presbyterian woman, but I think it's in the ball park! Ha! There's a pun, just for fun. And a rhyme, just in time. Oy.

Anyway, maybe the camera will catch Big Foot! :-)

Thanks for sharing about Cooperstown. It's beautiful and looks like it has a lot of heart.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Jim is a huge baseball junkie so maybe one of these days we will have to make it up to Cooperstown. After the hall of fame, I can force him to go pottery shopping! Win-Win!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea this was such a charming little town! Naturally Cooperstown is on the Team Testosterone Bucket List, but after seeing this post, I don't object quite so vehemently.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful place to visit; I'd love to go there one day.
What? NOT hot enough for swimming? I can't believe it!

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