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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

hoppin' Gary....

Took down Christmas decorations Tuesday.  I usually get them down December 26th.  It takes about 3 minutes and they fit into a shoebox and the small branch which served as a "tree" was tossed into the yard.  I love the days up to Christmas...gone so quickly!
I needed something to fill in, give some color to January's UGH.  We have some Romeo stuffed Snoopies for Valentine's....and I made some cheerful paper hearts for both doors.  HUZZAH! Ready for the next holiday :)

The wife is southern, sort of.  Although veg, we have to have the black eye peas and "ham" for the new year and luck.  Of course, I love black eye peas year round!  I make hoppin' John and was lazy this year, using canned black eye peas...
all my friends in VA and GA are always like "but you have to cook GREENS to attract money!" and hoppin' John does have green..celery and green pepper but not "greens"  WHATEVER THE HELL THOSE ARE.  This veg is deeply suspicious of some southern a "mess of greens" and I feel like the south can keep their snakes, their bird sized mosquitos and their "mess of greens".  I'll be up here, ass deep in snow and frozen with the hoppin' John....which reminds me:  the wife and the south can ALSO keep the okra...blegh!  Who knows what that stuff is....

Our winter paradise.  The neighbors have a bit of ice, hmm? have an awesome day!

You probably need a mug with a piggy at the bottom...on sale now at my etsy shoppe! Perfect for your VALENTINE!!!!

yellow mug with a piggy inside


cookingwithgas said...

you need to get your northern self down here and eat you some greens and cornbread with that Hoppin' john.
They is so good you will want to do a jig. A mess of greens could be collards, kale or turnips or a mix. Just steam until tender- then add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar just a wee of salt- you will love them- promise!

denis said...

Dude, I'm with you. Love black eye peas but what the hell is okra?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

you often hear okra described as SLIMY and LIKE SNOT...

Michèle Hastings said...

fried okra is THE BEST!
As for black eyed peas and a "mess of greens", I could do without them. But I live in the south and Jeff is southern, so of course he cooked some for dinner last night... I ate a little and then went for some NY eve leftovers in the fridge.
Hopefully just a few bites will give me good luck this year.

Barbara Rogers said...

Like everyone else here in the south, we say it. But I don't do tummy was still upset, so I had brown rice. Ha!

Shortstuff said...

I'm with you on the messes of greens and on okra. I once had a stand off with my dear departed grandmother on me (NOT) eating okra. After a marathon stare down at the dinner table she discretely averted her gaze while I shoveled the offending okra into a napkin, thus clearing my plate and allowing us both to go about our business. She never did THAT again and I have yet to eat any okra.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Unless it is in gumbo, I do not eat okra. There are not many vegetables that I hate, but okra is certainly top of the list. As for greens, I think they are best cooked in a lot of bacon so that sort of takes the fun out of things when you are a vegan.

Wow! Your neighbor needs some insulation. Ice dam city over there. Have fun in the snow!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Oh, I thought of you last night...I was watching crap on HGTV and a couple was looking to buy an island off of Key West. Apparently there are lots of these small islands that you can privately own and have your own little fiefdom.

smartcat said...

Not so big on Hoppin' John and okra has got to be one of the grossest vegetables grown....and I love my veggies. I made pea soup and we had some roasted brussel sprouts yum!

As for Christmas, I am sort of your opposite. The tree goes up on the Winter Solstice and stays up until at least Twelfth Night (the Feast of Fools). I need every prop I can get to survive the dark of the year.

Did Penny and Spike celebrate too?

Lori Buff said...

Mess-o-greens = nutritious leafy veggies (similar to lettuce) that grow in the cool, un-snow bound winter sun here in GA.
Okra is not slimy when cut and fried or pickled and is delicious in Gumbo.

Keep your snow
I'll take gumbo

JB said...

I dropped in for a little look at some snow and ice to cool me down over lunch. Market preparations in full swing for a twilight market tonight. It's the 3rd day over 40 degrees so it could be a bit of a ghost market tonight as all and sundry keep their air con's company. Okra grows really well here, a perfect stew thickener, bean like in flavour if you can gast past the slime factor. I juiced some once and all I will say about that is "Don't do it!"
Lightly fried on a BBQ is the best way to eat it, and only the thumb sized ones!

Em SIL said...

Thanks for posting the Ghostbusters official video. I'd seen the movie --and loved it-- when it first came out so I love seeing the additionals in the video.

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