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Monday, January 21, 2013

experimental to TIDY and aesthetically pleasing...

You know I go into the new year trying to tidy up the house, the papers, clear out the junk, right?  Without thinking about it, I have been organizing my thinking a little, maybe for the first time.
For example, never before now could I name 3 favorite teas *, my 2 favorite coffees**, and my 4 favorite hot sauces***.  More importantly I can name 22 favorite glaze schemes! (different from glazes, of which I have 18--I mean favorite combos and decorating schemes, right?)  I made tiles, seen here, of those 22, then started trying to list favorite bowl and mugs shapes (example number 3 below using 4 of those glaze schemes)....then realized I wanted to get down a list of favorite bank, vase, teapot, pitcher shapes too.
I know what I want to make aesthetically, but its always like shooting an arrow at a target blindfolded when you experiment.  You know its out there, I am disorganized and new ideas are always coming along and I forget what I like or what I do best.
For all my seeming confidence and egotistical bluster online, I am in person pretty uncertain and shy. Doing an assessment of what I like to do best makes me realize I make the pots I want to use and and think "these look cool!"
Thanks for listening...

(mugs by Gary rith)

*Irish Breakfast tea from Twinings, Celestial Seasonings green with a cute elephant on the box, Tazo green with ginger
**Lavazza espresso and Green Mountain
***Cholula chipotle pepper, Goya habanero, Tabasco, Frank's
Feel free to comment on some of your favorites!


cookingwithgas said...

those are sweet mugs- love the bunny!

smartcat said...

The mugs are great; I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite.

The test tiles look like a candy counter!

Barbara Rogers said...

Just wondering, the faces on the test tiles tell you to look hard, beware of beasties, be funny, Keep your eyes pealed, or what? Great glaze combos. Go for the inspiration whenever it catches you!

Michèle Hastings said...

Your test tiles are definitely eye candy!
I love Sriracha Asian hot sauce - the one with the rooster on it. A little goes along way.

Lori Buff said...

It seems that what you do best is take risks with your art. You're always experimenting and trying new forms - robot mugs, skull tea sets, and cars. They all have a common bond of fun.

bartster said...

I resonate with lots of what you've written. January is a great month for sorting out--I think your work shows you doing what you love and the fun really shines through (even though the process is work at times).
Favorite coffees: these are types more than brands: Yirgacheffe (Ethiopi!a) and one called Kopi ya ya (from Indonesia, roasted in Winnipeg) about Jasmine or Blueberry herbal...Earl Grey's nice too. Hot sauce....not so much. I did hear a friend talk about one made in New Orleans called "Slap your momma". OK this is turning into a dissertation here. Stay warm

Shortstuff said...

This is where I failed even as an amateur potter. I am not disciplined enough to do the testing and keep accurate records. I'm more the slapdash kind of worker...and then I wonder why my pots came out all cattywampus and the glazes were weird. Go figure!

smalltownme said...

Great start for the year!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Tazo "Joy" is a wonderful black tea. I'm hoping they still make it, as we have used up my mother's large stash. My favorite green tea is a Jasmine Green purchased at the Asian grocery store.
Favorite mug of those 4 is the green (your green glaze is so wonderful... and I am actually a blue person!) and my favorite schemes up there are top right and, also on the top row, second in from left (it reminds me of Provence, France).

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Favorite Teas - Dr Feelgood Herbal and Gingerly Lime from Hooker Tea Company in St. Pete and Montana Gold and Evening in Missoula from Tea Source in St. Paul. Apparently I must visit a saint to buy tea.

I don't drink coffee so in place of that my favorite chocolate is Salty Dog by BT McElrath in Minneapolis. Dark chocolate with toffee pieces and sea salt. SO DAMN GOOD. I hoard in on my orchestra trips and don't usually share.

Favorite hot sauce - YES to Franks! Also rooster sauce in moderation. I used to be a hot sauce wimp but now own 4 kinds of Tabasco.

Of course, I love all of your pots but I'm really digging the glazed tile pieces with the vertical stripes.

Favorites are fun. End of giant comment. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those mugs are TOO cool.
One of my favorite treats is hazelnut coffee. Also, I am loving clementines right now!

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