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Saturday, November 13, 2010

interview with a sock monkey part 3: partying with Lindsey and......

I get a phone call the other morning from my rotton French sock monkey Georges Le Soq who is down at the police station, under arrest. I wonder if he was partying with Charlie again...but NO, not this time, he tells me had a date with Lindsey L0han...and things got a little out of hand....

Q-Georges, good GOD what now?
A-mon ami, at least she is over 21....
Q-yeah, but Georges, what about here at home, I thought you were making a play for Winnie the bear?
A-well, we keep this between us gentlemen, oui?
Q-mmmmm, maybe, but it will cost you...
A- I have champagne, I give you some, no?
Q-mmm....alright....anyway, Georges, what did you get arrested for?
A--ees my library books! They tell me ees overdue!
Q-oh Georges.....

Stay tuned--will Georges be true to Winnie???? Should Winnie stay away from Georges???? he might have germs! (thanks once again to Kasey for the awesome photo work!)


CiCi said...

Winnie has such a forgiving heart.

Anonymous said...

I bet he has diseases. I mean, Lindsey!!! Sheesh. Beware, Winnie. Georges is a good chef, but he's also bad news. Go for the good bear with a big heart.

Unknown said...

LOL LOL I think Georges should date "Snooki" lol :) Now that broad is truly from another :) Poor Winnie, if she only knew....! I was curious myself when I found out that Babs Butternut knew Georges also. Poor Stan, thank God he never knew the :)

Todd from FL said...

Tell Winnie that Georges has "a trip to the clinic" written all over him. I think he is into the nose candy too.


Reverend Awesome said...

I have a feeling Winnie is no saint. You don't end up in the gutter being a good bear.

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