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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

teapot Tuesday: violets, pansies, something like that....

Yeah.  I am making a blue-ish, purple-ish flower here, right?  Not really, you know, a SPECIFIC flower, just flower-ISH, you know?

OK, the scoop--there was thunder and lightening and I have gotten up for a EXCITED! Why? you ask....
1)  it was clearly time to order those 2 books from Amazon that I wanted and

and 2) WELL, because of course our basement was torn apart Monday, in the very best possible way. It, and the house, are a happy and healthy 150 years old, and 2 of the 4 basement walls were a pretty stone.  The other 2 walls were covered with vomity old pink insulation, useful only to the rodents who wintered there.  Plus there was another wall... just like the bridge to nowhere, it was the wall to nowhere, and it came out too.  Plus old crap lying around from before our time.  Plus crap I added to this.  I had carpenters come with a van (they filled it!) to tear it up and clean it and OH GOSH I am glad they did.
I have gotten photos (of course!) of the whole process.

I mix glaze and store clay down there.  Today I need to get my supplies organized.  The space is SO much bigger without the false walls, and SO much cleaner and NO LONGER depressing. I will organize today, and try to mix some glazes, which is the last pictures needed before I can report.

Thanks for listening!


Caroline said...

I love the handle on the lid. It has me mesmerised. (I hate the captcha thingy that proves I'm not a robot when I leave comments. I seem to get it wrong too often.)

Michèle Hastings said...

Sounds like major Spring cleaning at the Rith house!

Barbara Rogers said...

Love the twirly-gig knob!

smartcat said...

Great blue flowers!

There's something so invigorating about making an old space new!

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