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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

in which we wander through the filming of GLEE

I think about it for a minute and realize that maybe the wife and I do the offbeat tour and visit to NYC.  We have both lived there, the sisters  have lived there for decades, both our families and ancestors lived there:  we know NYC, and know what we wanna do and where wanna go when we get there.  I have zero desire to visit Times Square, Ground Zero or the Statue of Liberty or whatever people from Wyoming or Utah do in NY.  NY has a zillion fun and quirky little corners to explore!

We were downtown in Greenwich Village and Soho Saturday, poking around, and come across ACROBATIC DUDE IN A RAM'S HEAD ON A MAILBOX (see above) and just a minute later we wandered straight through the shooting of GLEE.  That's right, you are walking down the street, and they are shooting a TV show and they are trying to just get a natural crowd, I guess, there is really no warning:  we went directly in front of 3 cameras and past 2 stars having their lines filmed.  The wife was a bit freaked, like we should get out of their way, and why was there no warning?  But I was like "they do this on purpose, trying to have a natural street scene, and probably do ten takes at least". You can read all about it here!

me and the Empire State Bldg
A little later, near Little Italy, as we went to the subway, the wife is like "To think that I saw it  on Mulberry St!" and got the pic!

your hero,  seeing it on Mulberry St


Knight said...

Great pictures.
I was filming a commercial in Times Square last weekend and we wanted a natural crowd scene but all the tourists kept jumping in and asking us for photos. So weird.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, the girls and I will be looking for you and the Missus in the next season of glee. Yes, I am a gleek.
Mulberry street was one of our favorite books back in the day!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


Tom is in NY RIGHT NOW! I wonder if you passed him on the street. I will look through the pictures again. Heh.


cm said...

There are days when certain parts of the Hammer are very much like Mulberry Street. Or at least like Mulberry Street used to be. ;-)

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